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Undergraduate Seminar

Course Syllabi

Course Overview

  • Synchronous weekly lectures
  • Asynchronous on-line discussions
  • Individual class projects
  • End-of-term Web cast of student projects
  • Student presentations at SAA's, NCUR, or Sunoikisis Symposium

Course Content

  • Review basic archaeological concepts
    • Archaeology as an academic discipline vis-à-vis history, anthropology, classics, geology
    • Basic history of archaeology
    • Basic principles and terminology
    • General field methods
  • The history of archaeological survey in the Mediterranean
  • Theory and methodology in archaeological survey
  • Technology and archaeological survey

Course Enrollment

  • Permission of the instructor required
  • Limit class size to 12-16 students (3-4 per campus)

Student Profile

  • Students experienced in archaeology
  • Good students with minors or double-majors in computer science or geography
  • Students recommended by faculty

Host Institution

  • Fall 2003: DePauw University
  • Fall 2004: Rhodes College
  • Fall 2005: The College of Wooster
  • Fall 2006: Millsaps College
  • Fall 2007: Rhodes College
  • Fall 2008: DePauw University

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