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July 17, 2009: In MAGIS version 1.6, "Flash Earth URL" links from the MAGIS: Project Details page to the external site, Flash Earth, have been removed. In their place, "Project Location" links have been added that take the user to the corresponding project location on the MAGIS Spatial page.

February 11, 2009: MAGIS version 1.5 incorporates a real-time Google™ Earth file of all projects in the CGMA database that contain spatial coordinate data. The Google™ Earth file can be downloaded from the MAGIS home page by clicking the Google™ Earth Browse button. Because the downloaded file automatically checks for CGMA project updates every 24 hours, it is only necessary to download the file once.

Note that to better utilize Google™ Earth features with respect to this file, it is recommended that users use Google™ Earth 5.0 or later.

May 20, 2008: MAGIS version 1.3 includes the following updates.
  • CGMA personnel can upload Google™ Earth files corresponding to the project via the Data Entry page.
  • The project Google™ Earth file (if any) is available for download on the project details and project search results pages.
  • The project vertices are no longer displayed on the project search results page. However a link has been added to the search results page so that users can still view the project vertices in a separate window.

March 20, 2008: MAGIS version 1.2 includes the following updates.
  • Actual project boundaries are rendered for survey projects that contain more than two vertices.
  • A single project vertex may be entered for a survey project on the MAGIS Data Entry page.
  • The survey projects layer on the Spatial Search page defaults to on.
  • Various bugs are fixed.

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