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UA196 Kristin Romey Crimean Coastal Survey A survey intended "to evaluate the underwater archaeological resources of the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula, specifically in the area between Sevastpool and Fedosia."--Gidden (Project Website) Ukraine
UA227 Dr. Joseph Coleman C Bezymyannaya Project A "large-scale multidisciplinary investigation" of a military defensive structure near the chora of Chersonesos (Carter 2003). Ukraine
UA328 Pia Guldager Bilde Džarylga? Survey Project The Džarylga? Survey Project aims at investigating the rural landscape in the hinterland of the ancient settlement of Panskoe at both sides of the Džarylga? Lake, which will result in better understanding of the use and function of the northwestern Crimean landscape in a diachronic perspective from antiquity until early modern times. Ukraine
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