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TR167 Nicholas Rauh The Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey Project "The Rough Cilicia Archaeological Survey team has attempted to map and to record evidence of past human existence in Western Rough Cilicia while disturbing none of the indicators of that existence." -- Turkey
TR181 Dr. Lynn Rainville Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Project "Our work has explored...the regional environment and the impact of the ancient Assyrian city of Tushan on the upper Tigris River Valley."--Project Website Turkey
TR183 Tony Wilkinson The Amuq Survey "...geomorphological and geoarchaeological investigations to reconstruct the ancient physical environment [the Amuq River Valley] and the human impact upon it."--Project Website Turkey
TR186 Christopher Ratte Aphrodisias in Caria The survey and excavation of the ancient city of Aphrodisias and the surrounding area. Turkey
TR202 Riza Tuncel Izmir Region Excavations and Research Project (IRERP) Survey The survey and excavation of a hill in the Izmir province of Turkey that was once an ancient settlement. The project ended in 1998 when water from a growing man-made lake began to submerge the site. Turkey
TR203 K. Aslihan Yener The Goltepe/Kestel Project "This project is an investigation of a Bronze Age mining district and the associated town where metallurgical installations, including evidence for tinsmelting have been discovered."-Project website Turkey
TR201 Harun Kaya The Alacami This project consists of a survey and excavation of a basilica/chapel/mosque that had originally been studied in the 1940s-60s, and the use of the three dimensional computer modelling to reconstruct the building. Turkey
TR204 Ernst Pernicka Project Troia "Only a small part of a city as large as Troia can be investigated by means of excavation. Even after 132 years of archaeology at Troia less than five per cent of the total area has been excavated. Consequently it is necessary, and makes good sense, to accompany excavation with other methods of field exploration. Since the 2002 excavation season but intensively only from 2003, the city area of Troia has been explored by a further method--by means of a systematic survey." Korfmann 2004 p.9 Turkey
TR206 Tony James Wilkinson Chicago Euphrates Archaeological Survey "The area investigated lay within a hitherto poorly understood area of the Euphrates valley to the north of Urfa." Wilkinson 1990 p.1 Turkey
TR209 Robert Braidwood (de The Joint Prehistoric Project (in Cayonu) "The Joint Prehistoric Project comprises several archaeological expeditions in Iraq, Iran, and Turkey dating from 1947. All of these separate excavations, however, sought the solution to a general problem: "How are we to understand those great changes in mankind's way of life which attended the first appearance of the settled village-farming community?" This project exemplifies the Oriental Institute's pioneering work in interdisciplinary research designs for archaeology. Its staff routinely includes not only archaeologists and physical anthropologists, but also specialists from the fields of botany, geology, and zoology."--University of Chicago website Turkey
TR214 Geoffrey D. Summers Kerkenes Dag This project consists of thorough surveying and excavation of the Kerkenes Dag site, which is the largest per-Hellenistic site known on the Anatolian Plateau, along with a a peripheral regional survey of the area surrounding the site. Turkey
TR215 Ian A. Todd Central Anatolian Survey This project consisted of a regional survey that identified ancient sites in central Anatolia but did not investigate them in depth. Turkey
TR217 Douglas Baird Catalhuyuk Regional Survey "As a component in Professor Ian Hodder's Catalyhuyuk Research Project the regional survey was to provide information on the history of settlement on the Carsamba Cay alluvial fan, a rich and densly inhabited part of the Konya Plain around Catalhuyuk." Watkins 1998 Turkey
TR220 James Mellaart (ret. Hacilar This project consisted primarily of excavation, preceeded by cursory survey. Turkey
TR221 Ilknur Ozgen The Bilkent University Archaeological Survey in Cilicia and the Northern Hatay This project consisted of a survey in an area of Cilicia and the northern Hatay that had never before been surveyed. Turkey
TR236 Robert Whallon Keban Survey "The archaeological survey reported in this monograph was carried out in 1967 as a cooperative project between the Prehistory Section, Faculty of Letters, Istandbul University, and the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology. ... However, the geographical characteristics of the survey area did set off neatly a separate and well-delimited center of populationwhich could be studied conveniently as a unit and whose growth, cultural development, and external relations could be defined rather clearly." Whallon 1979 p1,2 Turkey
TR253 D. H. French Adiyaman Survey This survey began in response to the construction of the Ataturk dam, which was going to flood the survey area. Additionally, the area had only been been surveyed extensively during summer months when there was a great deal of vegetation covering the ground, so an intensive survey during cooler months produced a large body of new data. Turkey
TR258 Mehmet Ozdogan Lower Euphrates Basin Survey "The aim of the 1977 survey may be summed up as follows: recording of all types of ancient remains and settlement sites to be flooded by the dam, and gathering of preliminary information to assist excavation teams in locating sites." Ozdogan and Harmankaya 1977 p6 Turkey
TR260 L. Vandeput The Pisidia Survey This survey covered the ancient region of Pisidia, focusing primarily on its ancient urban sites. From 1982 to 1996 it was under the direction of Stephen Mitchell. In 1998 the project was restarted by L. Vandeput. Turkey
TR264 Roger Matthews Project Paphlagonia "Project Paphlagonia is an archaeological and historical study of a region of north central Turkey, which began under the direction of Dr. Roger Matthews on behalf of the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara. Paphlagonia spans an area of great geological, archaeological, and historical interest." --Kourafa 2002 (Project website) Turkey
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