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TN284 Ali Drine The Jerba Survey All-period transect survey of the island of Jerba Tunisia
TN184 Soren Dietz Segermes Project: Africa Proconsularis Survey of the productive conditions in the Roman period and the agricultural sustem/land use. This focuses on the relation between the known Roman administrative centre, Segermes, and the surrounding landscape (centre periphery investigation). Tunisia
TN193 Hedi Slim The Kasserine Archaeological Survey "A cooperative project designed to reconstruct the society and economy of the region around the Roman towns of Cillium and Thelepte through recording and analysis of surface remnants of ancient settlement." Hitchner Tunisia
TN213 David Stone Leptiminus (Lamta) Survey Survey that studied six ural sites descovered during field walking and examined discrete concentrations of debris from metal working activities. Tunisia
TN257 Joseph A Greene Carthage Survey "...purpose was to assemble archaeological material for a settlement history of the reion of Carthage from the prehistoric through the end of the Turkish period in order to provide a regional context for the archaeological investigations that have been ongoing inside the ancient city for mroe than a century." Acquaro 1973 Tunisia
TN270 Mariette De Vos Dougga Survey The survey aims to reconstruct the ancient landscape and the patterns of rural settlement in the surroundings of Dougga over a broad period of time. Tunisia
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