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RO222 Douglass W. Bailey Southern Romania Archaeological Project "The SRAP has designed a multi-disciplinary program of field survey and limited excavation. The project methodology uses intensive field walking, geophysical surveying, soil augering, pollen analysis and sondage excavation." Project Website. It is "examining trends in prehistoric land-use and settlement patterns in southeastern Europe." Bailey e.a. 1999 Romania
RO224 Kris Lockyear Noviodunum Archaeological Project (NAP) "The principal aim of NAP is to investigate the changing landscape at Noviodunum and its hinterland, and in particular the relationship between the wider Empire, the fort/settlement and its hinterland during the course of the first millennium AD. To this end NAP intends to conduct targeted excavation at Noviodunum itself alsong with field survey in the wider hinterland." NAP 2005 Romania
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