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IT1 Albert J. Ammerman Acconia Survey A survey for neolithic sites to determine the makeup and the pattern for distribution of the sites. Italy
IT2 G.d.b. Jones Ager Capenas Survey A part of the British School at Rome's South Etruria Project. Italy
IT3 Dyson, Stephen L. Ager Cosanus A program of settlement reconstruction. Italy
IT4 Nigel Mills Ager Lunensis Survey An attempt to explain the decline and abandonment of Luni between AD 300 and AD 1200. Italy
IT5 John Ward-perkins (d Ager Veientanus Survey A survey of the Etruscan, Roman and medieval Ager Veientanus, concentrating on both sites and roads. Italy
IT6 Susan H. Loving Agro Pontino Survey Project A survey to determine settlement patterns in the Agro Pontino Italy
IT7 Robert J. Rowland, J Bauladu Survey An examination of sites and their environments in Sardinia. Italy
IT9 Graeme Barker Biferno Valley Survey The project intended to document the settlement history of the region while analyzing the relationship between the landscape and peoples. Italy
IT10 N. King Campagnano di Roma Survey The aim of the survey was ot locate the southern route of the paved Roman road known from excavations at the Vallelunga Autodrome and the Mola di Monte Gelato. Italy
IT12 Peter A.j. Attema Caracupa/Valvisciolo Survey A part of the Pontine Region Project, aimed at determining the internal structure and chronology of the settlement. Italy
IT13 Simon K.f. Stoddart Casentino Survey To determine the prehistoric, Etruscan and early medieval settlement patterns. Italy
IT14 Pamela Hemphill Cassia-Clodia Survey A study of roads north of Rome and the artifacts found in the areas bordered by the Via Cassia and Via Clodia Italy
IT15 Marco Rendeli Castro Area Survey A determination of settlement pattern. Italy
IT16 Albert J. Ammerman Cecina Valley Survey An investigation of the settlement pattern and distribution from Etruscan through late Roman times. Italy
IT17 Peter Attema Cisterna Survey Part of the Pontine Region Project, looking for changes in settlement pattern and landscape. Italy
IT18 Pamela Hemphill Civitella Cesi Survey Investigation of communication routes, agricultural types and site distribution. Italy
IT19 Laura Bonomi Ponzi Colfiorito di Foligno Survey Focused on landscape, topography, environment, and the transformations of those and the people who lived there. Italy
IT20 Peter Attema Contrada Casali Survey A site survey concentrated on a hilltop; part of the Pontine Region Project. Italy
IT21 Alberto Prieto Crotone Field Survey Part of a multi-disiplinary approach to identify the distribution of sites in colonial Greek city of Croton. Italy
IT191 Brian E. Mcconnell Sanctuary of the Divine Palikoi The survey and excavation of the ancient Sanctuary of the Divine Palikoi (located in the modern city of Mineo) and the ancient settlement that surrounded it, which intended to assess the historical context in which "this center developed and maintained its unique identity despite the absorbtion of Sikel society on the currents of Greek and Roman civilization." --Maniscalco e.a. 2003 Italy
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