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IL237 Amos Kloner Jerusalem Survey A survey of southern Jerusalem and its municipal boundaries. Israel
IL349 Paul Steinfield Nahal Alexander Regional Survey The survey aimed to reconstruct strategies of economic exploitation in the area and to compare archaeological data in order to develop a model of rural land use in the area. Israel
IL350 Mordechai Lamdan Prehistorical Survey of Nahal (Wadi) Shiqma The goals of the survey were to find, study and classify prehistoric sites in the region, and to relate them to the Pleistocene stratigraphy of the south Levantine Mediterranean coast. Israel
IL364 Hermann Michael Niem The Megiddo Hinterland Project The project was formed to study the mechanism of state formation in the north. It aimed to draw a comprehensive picture of the settlement history of the region and to shed light on the economy, society, and demography of Megiddo's hinterland in ancient times in relation to the information gathered from the mound. Israel
IL375 Yotam Tepper Lajjun-Legio Survey As part of the Megiddo Expedition, it was a thorough survey of the Legio area aimed at identifying the exact locations of the three main settlements and recording all archaeological remains. Israel
IL387 Yotam Tepper The Nahal 'Iron (Wadi 'Ara) Survey As a part of the Megiddo Expedition, the survey sets out to examine the changing settlement patterns in the Bronze Age and Iron Ages in relation to the history of Megiddo and to document evidence on the international road. Israel
IL391 Emmanuel Anati Har Karkom Archaeological Survey of Israel "Twenty years of fieldwork in the areas of Har Karkom and Beer Karkom have produced the survey of well over 1300 archaeological sites out of which 636 are included in the Har Karkom map, and provide a general view on the density and character of human presence for each period." Project Website Israel
IL402 Henning Fahlbusch The Water Supply System of Susita Study of the water supply system of Susita can contribute to our knowledge of the hydraulic problems in Roman times. Israel
IL405 Mordechai Haiman Ancient Desert Agriculture Systems Revived (ADASR) Combined archaeological and environmental study focused on the arid regions of Israel Israel
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