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FR87 Mark Horton L'Abbaye de Grosbot The main aim is the excavation of a pre-French Revolution abbey. To supplement the excavation, a field survey was conducted of the surrounding landscape. France
FR88 Colin C. Haselgrove Aisne Valley Survey survey for prehistoric sites France
FR89 Nigel Mills Aulnat-Gandaillat Survey The field survey was started with the aim of producing a satisfactory sample of settlement distribution and variability at a regional scale, which would both give a guide to changes in settlement organization and development in the Iron Age, and provide a firm basis for future research. France
FR90 John R. Collis Auvergne Survey The project seeks to find physical remains of the Averni tribe. France
FR91 Wendy Davies East Brittany Survey a project designed to investigate changing land-use, and its relationship to settlements and settlement patterns, in an area of eastern Brittany, during the lst two millenia. Its primary concern is with man's relationship with the land in a northern European cereal-growing economoy, and the way this changed over time. France
FR92 Philippe Leaveau The Etang de Berre Project to provide a site map for the region, in order to furnish dating evidence and to evaluate the effect of ancient agriculture on the landscape France
FR93 Carole L. Crumley French Project An intensive surface survey - pedestrian, low-level aerial reconnaisance, and remote satellite imagery - to locate sites in the rural hinterland and to observe their distribution, in order to eventually build a model of continuity and change in southern Burgundy. France
FR94 Lawrence Guy Straus Chalosse Survey The main goal of the Chalosse survey was to systematically locate, describe and collect Palaeolithic sites in a fairly limited area, in order to be able to formulate specific proposals for excavations. France
FR95 Nigel Mills Levroux Survey locating Neolithic sites France
FR96 Nigel Mills Southern French Study The survey aimed to assess anomolies of previous theories at a regional scale through case studies of environment and settlement distribution in representative sections of the coastal plain and the Garrigues. France
FR97 Fiona Cameron The South-West Var Field Survey Project intended to form the basis of post-graduate research into the Roman settlement patterns in a large area of plain, known as the Permian depression. France
FR404 Colin Haselgrove The Arroux Valley Survey "...used geophysical survey and field walking to locate Iron Age and Gallo-Roman rural sttlements in the valley of the river Arroux and its tributary, the Celle, close to Mont Beuvray, the principal oppidum of the late Iron Age Aedui in east-central France, and Qutun, its Roman successor astribal capital." Porject Website France
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