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EG192 Miroslav Barta Archaeological Survey of El-Hayez "Theprimary objective is to provide an overall archaeological map which presents the principal sites, along with a description of their potential, character, and stage of preservation, structure and their relationship to the monuments within the ancient landscape." - Project website Egypt
EG198 Lisa Heidorn The Bir Umm Faw Akhir Survey Survey conducted in order to map and document the surface remains to make the site more comprehensable. Project also studied the ancient gold mines and mining techniques which had not yet been done in this region. Egypt
EG228 Donald S Whitcomb Quseir Al-Qadim Project "A regional survey was developed in order to investigate the nature of the hinterland of the port of Quseir al-Qadim, to identify its potential resources, and whenever possible to document the extent of their use through time." Whitcomb 1979 Egypt
EG230 Salvatore Garfi Amarna Survey The mission statement of this project includes: " to explore by archaeology, the ancient city of Tell el-Amarna and it's historical context, proserve what is left of the ancient city, promote study and recording of the history, archaeology, and traditional lie crafts of the surrounding region." Egypt
EG232 C. S. Churcher Dakhleh Oasis Project (DOP) "The Dakhleh Oasis Project is a long-term regional study of the interaction between environmental changes and human activity in the closed area of the Dakhleh Oasis, Western desert of Egypt, but including the larger area of the Palaeoasis. The study includes all thetime since the first incursion of man inthe Middle Pleistocene to the 21st century farmers, and all the human activity and changing environment for which there is evidence." project website Egypt
EG235 Gregory Gilbert The Qift Regional Expedition - Kom El Momanien Project "The Qift Regional Expedition was established as a vehicle for close cooperation between Egyptian, Austrailian, and international specialists who are commited to the recording, excavation, and preservation of Qift regions archaeological heritage." Project Website Egypt
EG240 Gregory D. Mumford Tell Tebilla Project Main objectives concentrated upon generating a topographic map of the mound, conducting a magnetometer survey in the southern part and eastern half of Tebilla, collecting and analyzing potsherds from the surface of the mound and its environs, producing artifact density plots, and cataloguing, photographing, and drawing of all the surface monuments found across the mound and in the neighboring village and fields. Egypt
EG242 Harold L. Dibble Abydos Survey for Paleolithic Sites (ASPS) "Abydos is set relatively away from the Nile River itself and is much closer to the escarpment that leads to the Saharan Desert or Libyan Plateau. ZBoth informal and formal survey work in the desert over the years has shown it to be rich in archaeological resources of historic and prehistoric periods." Project website Egypt
EG246 Alison Gascoigne Tell Tinnis Archaeological Project "The aim of the work has been to record as efficiently as possible the largely - featureless mounds of rubble that characterise the site, and to extract the maximum amount of information from what remains without undertaking the sort of large scale excavations necessary to uncover a ground plan of the town. The survey results will allow the formulation of an informed site management strategy for future investigavtion." Project Website Egypt
EG256 Dr Willy Clarysse The Hawara Archaeological Survey of the Fayum Project "The main aim of this project is the realization of a topographical dictionary of the Fayyum in Ptolemaic Roman times. In this study papyrological documents are combined with epigraphical and archaeological evidence in order to get a better knowledge of the Graeco-Roman occupation of the Fayyum and its evolution." Project Website Egypt
EG291 Ian Shaw Wadi el-Hudi Survey This preliminary survey was undertaken to enable comparisons to be made between the miners' settlements at Wadi el-Hudi and those of the alabastar quarry-workers at Hatnub, concentrating primarily on the remains dating to the Middle Kingdom. Egypt
EG293 Ian Shaw Gebel el-Asr Project This project focuses on the "Chephren Diorite Quarries" ... to gain a better understanding of the logistics of quarrying and living conditions of Old and Middle Kingdom Egyptian quarry workers working in Lower Nubia, at the very edges of Egyptian-controlled territory in the 3rd and early 2nd millennia B.C. Egypt
EG351 Albert Leonard, Jr. Naukratis Project Survey The survey was carried out in order to assess the character of the visible remains, the state of site preservation, and the extent of modern encroachment caused by cultivation and settlement. Egypt
EG374 Roger S. Bagnall Amheida Project Part of Dakleh Oasis Project (DOP) Studying the interaction between human settlement and the environment over the long span from earliest human presence in the oasis to modern times. Egypt
EG403 Ian Shaw Gurob Harim Palace Survey The Gurob Project is a preliminary study of the urban and funerary remains at the ‘harim town’ of Mi-wer (Gurob) in the Faiyum region. Egypt
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