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AL411 Michael Galaty Shala Valley Project 2005 - Survey the cultural resources (archaeological and human) of the village of Theth and to describe in detail the unique culture, history, and landscape. 2006 - 1) induct intensive archaeological survey in the lower half of the Shala Valley. 2) Answer outstanding questions regarding the architectural and cultural history of Theth. 3)Limited test excavations at the Grunas site found in 2005. 2007 - 1)Intense Archaeology survey of lower half of Shala Valley in particular villages surrounding Abat. 2) Ethnohistoric and ethnographical surveys in the lower half of the Shala Valley to compare to Theth in 2005/2006. 3)extensive survey of Shosh and Kir regions. 4)chemical and geological surveys of Grunas, Gimaj, Okoi, and Stane at Qafe Thores. 2008 - 1)A detailed digital map of sites using a Total Station. 2) Compile better chronology and construction phases through excavation of a unit along the west, lowest terrace wall. 3)Undertake targeted excavation in order to determine: whether stone structures were built in the Iron Age or later, whether the taresses were occupational or agricultural, Whether there might be preserved middin outside the western fortification wall, Through chemical characterization analysis of pottery whether ceramics were made on or off site and imported, patterns of substances and seasonality through analysis of fauna and botanical remains and trace restricted analysis of pottery Albania
AL261 J. L. Davis Mallakastra Regional Archaeological Project "A multidisciplinary and diachronic archaeological expedition formally organized in 1996 to investigate the history of prehistoric and historic settlement and land use in central Albania, in an area centered on the Greek colony of Apollonia" (Project Website). Albania
AL331 Mark Pluciennik Butrint Survey The aim of the Butrint survey was to examine the nature of the archaeological settlement pattern within the immediate environs of the Graeco-Roman town. Albania
AL410 Maria Grazia Amore Via Egnatia Project A study of the distribution of sites and monuments along the road, however, remains are an important complimentary goal. Study and devote a considerable amount of time to identification, description, and reconstruction. Also, data on construction techniques used n the road itself during different periods of development, by identifying the most suitable points for lest excavations when complete sections of the road might be recorded. Study of the remaining bridges of Mirake area especially. Albania
AL360 Jack L. Davis The Durrės Regional Archaeological Project (DRAP) "In the Spring of 2001 the hilly uplands immediately northwest of the modern city of Durrės were for the first time investigated using the techniques of intensive surface survey. In total, an area of six square kilometers was explored and twenty-nine sites were defined, most of them new. Remains of Greek antiquity were plentiful and include unpublished inscriptions and graves. One site may be the location of a previously unknown Archaic temple." -Davis et al p. 41 Albania
AL412 Dr. Eberhard Zangger Berbati Limnes Anthropogenic transformations of the landscape observed over the last 10 years and the growing interest in the regional studies formed the incentive for carrying out the survey in the Berbati Valley. Our aims in this are an integrates 'period-for-period' analysis rather than a specialist study. Albania
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