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Principal Investigators: Rebecca K. Schindler (DePauw University) Pedar W. Foss (DePauw University)

Co-Principal Investigators: Michael Galaty (Millsaps College)
P. Nick Kardulias (The College of Wooster)
Kenneth S. Morrell (Rhodes College)

Advisory Board Please see

Student Interns: 2004: Sarah Craft (DePauw)
Ellen Beilmann (Millsaps)
Tulisha Jackman (Rhodes)
Kate McMahon (Wooster)

  2005: Justin Remmelts (DePauw)
Elizabeth Veach (DePauw)

  2006: Katherine Birge (DePauw)
Meredith Coats (DePauw)
Charles Stanley (DePauw)
Tulisha Jackman (Rhodes)
Financial Support
Andrew W. Mellon Image Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
MAGIS (Mediterranean Archaeology Geographic Information System) is the product of the establishment of the Collaboratory for GIS and Mediterranean Archaeology (CGMA). CGMA is generously supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
Web Support Services
Powered by Apache MAGIS is delivered to the world using the Apache Web Server via an Apple XServe running Mac OS X Server. Powered by Mac OS X
Development Environment
Powered by MapServer
Powered by PHP The MAGIS system was implemented using MapServer, PHP, and MySQL open source technologies. Powered by MySQL
Powered by GRASS Data by GTOPO30 Powered by ArcGIS
One kilometer elevation data, downloaded from the United States Geological Survey EROS Data Center, were processed for use in MAGIS using the open source Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS). Modern Political Districts, National Capitals, and Modern Major Cities vector data layers were generated using ArcGIS™ and the "Countries 2004" and "Cities" data from the ArcGIS™, ESRI® Data & Maps Media Kit "World, Europe, Canada, and Mexico" CD. All other vector data layers were manually created using ArcGIS™. Ninety meter elevation data and vector water body data obtained by NASA's Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) were purchased on DVD from the United States Geological Survey and processed using ArcGIS™.
Data by SRTM
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