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CGMA (The Collaboratory for GIS and Mediterranean Archaeology) is a partnership between American liberal-arts colleges to develop a GIS (Geographic Information System) for regional survey projects in the greater Mediterranean. It has been established through a grant from the Mellon Foundation. CGMA has two components:
MAGIS (Mediterranean Archaeology GIS) is an on-line inventory of regional survey projects in the greater Mediterranean. Archaeologists, historians and other scholars of the ancient Mediterranean can search or browse for surveys, access detailed information and bibliography about them, and map their distribution. MAGIS contains survey metadata (information about the projects), not actual survey data. Click on the MAGIS link to access the on-line GIS inventory. Undergraduate Education involves students in CGMA in a number of ways. Each fall semester, a seminar on GIS and Mediterranean Survey Archaeology is held. Students are then eligible for research opportunities in the spring and summer. Most of the data in MAGIS has been collected and entered by student interns.

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